The Coffee Lover

Coffee, what a glorious cup of happiness. Recently on my travels to Namibia I had my very first cup of coffee in three years. It was a beautiful morning out in the bush (the wilderness) the sun barely up, and looking over the savanna I had that beautiful first sip. In that moment everything was right with the world.

I use to be a very big coffee lover and would easily have  four to five cups of coffee a day. After my diagnosis of lead poisoning and the news that my liver wasn’t doing to well I had to stop. I was told by a wise person that coffee is for people who are healthy and well balanced both physically and emotionally. If you are regaining your physical and mental health try to limit your coffee intake to as little as possible or better yet take a break from it. When are bodies are healing the effects of coffee is not beneficial to our recovery, rather replace it with herbal teas and matcha.

However that cup of coffee I had on my trip was definitely a reminder how far I have come in my healing journey. I could actually enjoy a cup without feeling any side-effects. This might not seem much to you but for me it was a Win.

P.S. Remember to purchase Organic, Fair-Trade Coffee. Not only for your health, but also for the environment and for the Coffee Farmers.