The Shower Filter

By now you might have gotten the impression by following Sunshine Living that we take filtering your drinking water very seriously. Unless you are drinking spring water from a mountain spring we recommend this being a good step towards a non-toxic lifestyle. Sadly we live in a toxic world where even our water is contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals. Due to my experiences with Lead poisoining (this too can be found in our water – because of lead pipes) that turned my world upside down we not only filter our drinking water, but make sure that the water we bathe in is also filtered. 

The skin is the largest organ, it is about 15% of your body weight, and is made up of 300 million skin cells. Its function is; protecting our inner body, temperature regulation, sensory receptor, and absorption and excretion. So, whatever goes on your skin, goes into your skin. It is as simple as that. 

Many of us love to take long baths and showers. And often the highlight of any kids’ day is taking a nice warm bubble bath at the end of day. Makes you think!

The water in your kitchen tap water is no different than the water coming out of your shower faucet. So our skin, scalp, and hair are all exposed to the water we bathe in; obviously! And when we are lying in a bath for an hour, reading a magazine, sipping matcha latte and thinking you’re a doing something good for your body. Think again. A bath is great, it should just be enjoyed in filtered water. 

We have tried a few Shower Filter brands and currently we are very pleased with the functionality and quality of the filter from “iwaterdenmark”. Also, it is very easy to install. No rocket scientist needed either.

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Beauty Tip: 

Installing a Shower Filter is a great beauty tip for your hair as well. Due to the toxins and extreme amounts of calcium in the water our scalp becomes dry and itchy, and our hair dry, thin and brittle. Installing the shower filter has made a clear difference on our hair. P.S. Only use organic, non-toxic hair products. Please! Sunshine Living's Body Box will have plenty of good options for your haircare products.