The Tea Lover

Plants are truly the wonders of the world. Everyday it amazes me how perfectly designed they are with such great purpose, functionality and not to mention the uses and benefits they give to our mind and body.  They are truly a gift. The “art” of knowing and understanding the true medicinal applications and benefits of plants is a wisdom that is slowly dying. For thousands of years people have been using plants to treat the unbalances in their bodies. However, so much valuable information has been lost through generations that have taken a distance to nature and how it can benefit our health. It is important to preserve this information and stay close to nature, because it will never fail you!

Home brewed TEA has definitely been a part of my healing journey. A tea for liver support, tea for hormone support, for sleep support, blood support, adrenal support, digestion and so much more. I recently was introduced to Blissblends who elevates the world of tea to a whole new level. Not only are their herbal blends organic and of superior-quality, but their love for details and aesthetics makes Blissblends a perfect trinity of a product. We truly appreciate products whose founders stand strong in their expertise and wisdom in a given field. There is nothing better to learn from someone that truly has knowledge about a subject and shares that with you. Blissblends invites you into the world of tea and the many benefits of their tea blends.  

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