We introduce you to carefully selected non-toxic products and brands that in our opinion meet great standards of non-toxicity, and which at the same time are functional and effective according to their purpose.


The Kids Collection

Finding true non-toxic brands and products for infants and toddlers is quite challenging. Therefore, it is even more important to find brands with good and honest intensions for these little ones. This Collection is great for the everyday life of parents, for the mommy-to-be, baby shower gifts, maternity visits and other occasion presents. Making it easier for you to choose non-toxic brands for the smallest members of the family

The Newborn 3-6kgThe Newborn 3-6kg

Humble Bummies

The Newborn 3-6kg

From 115,00 DKK
The Baby 6-10kgThe Baby 6-10kg

Humble Bummies

The Baby 6-10kg

From 118,00 DKK
The Toddler 9-14kgThe Toddler 9-14kg

Humble Bummies

The Toddler 9-14kg

From 120,00 DKK
The Kiddo 10-16kgThe Kiddo 10-16kg

Humble Bummies

The Kiddo 10-16kg

From 120,00 DKK
The Kiddo - Pull Up Diaper 10-16kg

Humble Bummies

The Kiddo - Pull Up Diaper 10-16kg

From 125,00 DKK
Face & Body -  Stick SPF50Face & Body -  Stick SPF50


Face & Body - Stick SPF50

149,00 DKK
Face & Body 50SPFFace & Body 50SPF

Sol De Ibiza

Face & Body 50SPF

219,00 DKK
Face & Body SPF30Face & Body SPF30


Face & Body SPF30

199,00 DKK
Chamomile Flower WaterChamomile Flower Water

Alteya Organics

Chamomile Flower Water

99,00 DKK
Plant based WipesPlant based Wipes

Kinder by Nature

Plant based Wipes

From 33,00 DKK
Baby BalmBaby Balm


Baby Balm

270,00 DKK
Coco Oat SoakCoco Oat Soak


Coco Oat Soak

From 139,00 DKK
Coco Cream SoakCoco Cream Soak


Coco Cream Soak

From 149,00 DKK
Baby Starter SetBaby Starter Set

Pure Beginnings

Baby Starter Set

175,00 DKK
Belly OilBelly Oil


Belly Oil

270,00 DKK
Baby Wash and ShampooBaby Wash and Shampoo

Pure Beginnings

Baby Wash and Shampoo

99,00 DKK


In this online shopping universe, the purchasing experience has slightly changed, and the act of opening a package has become less exciting. We aim to provide you not only with a purchasing experience through our Rollor Packaging, but we also wish to inspire you to reuse or even regift your Rollor Packaging and all the other small items that might come along with your products.

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