Who We Are

Sunshine Living is not just a name. For the founder, it is a way of life.
A life of better choices, awareness of the environment in and around us and with a desire to discover how best to lead a coherently healthy lifestyle. For this purpose, we raise awareness of the importance of introducing non-toxic products and brands into your life and your home environment.  

Sunshine Living’s aesthetics and visual DNA is inspired by Namibia, the founder’s home country and a desert country in which light and shadow have an everlasting relationship. The overall vibe is effortless and perfectly harmonious with nature, sophisticated and grounding. We strive to evoke nourishing and calm feelings that create effortless choices of quality and sustainability for you and your home environment.


Inspired by Namibia,

Where light and shadow have an everlasting relationship.


After having endured several years of numerous - seemingly - inexplicable symptoms, which in the end not only chained me to my bed for one and a half years, but led to forgetting my name at times, not knowing what day it was, what was up or what was down. I was officially diagnosed with chronic heavy metal poisoning, something I had never heard of before. I had no choice but to turn my entire lifestyle around. For four years, I worked intensely on making the necessary transformation of my diet and entire household into an organic, earth-conscious, and most importantly toxin and metal-free lifestyle. My entire transformation, its success, as well as the realization that so many people likely suffer needlessly due to adverse exposure to environmental pollution, toxic skincare products, cosmetics, -foods, -beverages, and toxic household necessities, sparked the beginning of Sunshine Living.

The first rule of detoxing your body from toxins is “Remove the Source”. In practical terms this means removing every product from your life that contains toxins and replace them with true non-toxic products. In this way you stop adding toxins to your body and can concentrate on getting the ones you do have out. However, finding true non-toxic products is like finding pearls in the ocean. It can be difficult. However, they are there, you just need to look for them and know what to look for.

This lesson is perhaps the most prominent for me: Illness can be terribly frightening, but it can also be the key to unlocking your journey back to health. I thank God for healing me and restoring my faith in the saying that "Where there is a will, there's a way”. For me, the way is Sunshine Living.

Lots of love

Leonora B.


At our foundation of Sunshine Living, we strive to have integrity, humility and transparency in everything we do and aspire to. Incorporating our values, our vision and our responsibility to you and to nature around us is not only a privilege but also an uncompromising strategy.


We encourage our community to discover more about nature and what it has to offer, consciously. “Stay close to nature. It will never fail you”. This notion is close to our hearts. From the very beginning of time, nature has given us the tools and wisdom to heal and create beauty without intoxicating ourselves. In particular in western society, the healing effects of naturally occurring plants and minerals etc. seem largely forgotten. Instead, we have placed our trust in mainstream solutions promoted by economic interests. Sometimes, the best option may require you to break free from conventional thinking and look actively elsewhere. We want to inspire you on this path!


The non-toxic industry is big, and very quickly it can become overwhelming and confusing to many which brands have an uncompromising non-toxic strategy when it comes to their ingredients and values. We strive to introduce you to non-toxic products and brands that in our opinion meet very high standards for non-toxicity, love and care for our planet and overall uncompromising design and aesthetics. Brands that will not only improve everyday life, but that you simply fall in love with.


It is of utmost importance to us that Sunshine Living products are not only non-toxic, plant-based, and cruelty free, but that our products are also functional and effective according to their purpose. Our products not only look good on paper, they are also good in practice. This is how we seek to improve and simplify our everyday lives.


“Sustainability” is merely a word that can be defined in many different ways depending on our subjective perspectives on life in general and the specific area in question. In order to discuss this in a meaningful manner, we need a common point of reference. At Sunshine Living, we consider sustainability to comprise the following three aspects - layers - of everyday life: 

Creating a sustainable body:
Creating a sustainable home environment
Contributing to a sustainable society