No Ordinary Webshop

We introduce you to carefully selected non-toxic products and brands that in our opinion meet great standards of non-toxicity, and which at the same time are functional and effective according to their purpose.


Our overall aim is to create awareness and inspire people to make better choices when choosing and purchasing products for themselves, their families and their home environment. The non-toxic industry is large, but not all brands have the same (high) standards. Therefore, our aim is to become the Wingman for True Non-Toxic brands that do not only have the highest of standard for non-toxicity of their product, but who’s uncompromising strategy is love and care for our planet, each other and our wellbeing.

So let us introduce you to The Home Collection, The Body Collection and The Kids Collection. All three collections embrace the everyday life of you, your home and everybody else in it. Every collection has a hand full of brands with each their products truly living up to our non-toxic definition and standards.